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  • Include still photo gallery and walkthrough video inside your tour.
  • Share via link on your listing page, social media, etc – or embed on a webpage (like above).


The most effective way to show the layout of a house! Viewers jump from room to room and can rotate their view to look around with no limitations!

Combine with a navigable floor plan (you provide or optionally, we create) for even more of a sense of the layout.

Navigation by floor plan


A video walkthrough is a great way to show home buyers the layout and flow of a house, understand how rooms connect, and display unique features of the space.  A high-end video will raise the perceived value of the house.  Video files shared on multiple social media sites will net more views and higher engagement than still photos.

At no additional cost, agents may choose to appear on camera at the house for a brief personal introduction and description of the home as an intro.



Show off your listing with great, wide-angle photos edited with a high dynamic range (HDR) look.  Our professional equipment and techniques allow us to fit more of each room into one photo and keep more detail in bright and dark areas of the image, making your listing appear as spacious and inviting as it does in person.

For most properties, we are in and out of your listing within 60 minutes and deliver edited photos within 24 hours.  Aerial (drone) photography is available as well.



Real estate professionals trade on their personality and customer support.  When a prospective buyer or seller is searching online for an agent, a photo and bio paragraph will pale in comparison to a brief video introduction that will make the client think, “Hey, he/she looks like someone I can trust!”

Your VIDEO BUSINESS CARD can easily be shared on: YouTube, Your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Improve your search engine rankings (SEO) by having a YouTube video with your name and links back to your web profiles.

Don’t have a YouTube channel yet or don’t want to deal with publishing your video?  We can publish your video with best practice title, description, and links for best SEO on our own channel, Catapult Maryland Professionals. Link and embed your video anywhere from there.


A variety of combinations of services are available at reduced package prices.  Please check the pricing document for full details.



Take 10% off total fee each time you add a service

Subtract 10% from the final total each time you add one of these projects:

  • Virtual Tour
  • Walkthrough Video
  • HDR Photography
  • Agent Video Business Card

for up to 30% off your total bill.



Add drone photos and/or video to any photo or video project.


Email with the form below and I will be in touch ASAP, or call or text 443.543.6608.

Dan Adler

Owner/Video lead, Catapult Image

Dan is passionate about creative multimedia and business.  With a background in design and music production, he began a career in web design for a B2B media company before soon transitioning to producing video for those websites.  Seeking new challenges, Dan left to begin his freelance videography business in 2011 and launched Catapult Image in 2015.

Dan heads up all video and real estate photography projects and works with trusted professional videographers and photographers when a project needs more expert hands on deck.

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Working with Catapult Image to create unique videos has enabled us to out-market the competition. The content is fun and engaging and helps us stand out. It’s great to have a one-stop shop for great photos and video. The service is great too.

Sarah Anderson

REALTOR, GREEN, CMRS, WHC, The Smallwood Team at MD Real Estate Network

This looks so amazing! I am truly pleased with this! This is absolutely great! Thank you thank you thank you! You will be my videographer here on out!

Aaron Adams

Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams Realty, Inc.