Video Business Cards

introduce yourself!

Videography Visiting Card

Explain your business, qualifications, goals, and motivation to potential clients or employers, all while showing off your appealing personality and demeanor. Appearing as a pleasant person to work with is a major advantage in earning business.  Your competitors just have some text and a photo listed online – you’ve got that AND a video business card that effectively shows you are a great personality to work with.

Video Editor Visiting Card


We can film multiple Video Business Cards and Photograph headshot portraits at your organization in an afternoon.

Youtube Channel Business Cards

Share it!

Your VIDEO BUSINESS CARD can easily be shared on: YouTube, Your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Share a link, or place a QR code linking to your VBC on your PAPER business card to reinforce any in-person meetings!  Included with your Video Business Card is a free guide with suggestions and how-to’s for the best ways to use and share your VBC.

Enhance your VBC!

Enhance your VBC for social media and YouTube Search Engine Optimization with our Subtitles and Deluxe Social Media packages.

On a lot of social media networks, videos in your feed begin playing automatically with the sound off.  Make sure you have eye-catching subtitles so you can hook your viewers!

Show it off!

Print your paper business card with a link and/or QR code to your Video Business Card!

We will provide you with a link to your VBC and a QR code image if requested!

We can host it for you!

Don’t have a YouTube account?  Don’t know how to upload a video or create a YouTube channel to host your video?  We can host your video for you on the Catapult Maryland Professionals YouTube channel.  Link or embed your VBC from there.

We’ll make sure to create best-practices titles, descriptions, and thumbnail images for maximum SEO and findability.  YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine.

Take a look at our free “What To Do With Your Video Business Card” guide with suggestions and ideas about how you can share your VBC.

How Does This Work?


  • Natural Background in your location OR Solid backdrop (White, Gray, Black)
  • Documentary style (you speak conversationally with an interviewer to the side of the camera) OR Direct Address(speak into the camera to address your audience).  Teleprompter is available to read your script!

Filmed at the client’s location, with no backdrop.  The client is prompted with questions and talking points from the videographer who sits to the side of the camera.  The recording process is conversation-like, and the best bits are selected and edited together.

This video is filmed at the client’s location with a suitable background.  The client speaks directly to the camera to directly address the audience.  A teleprompter can be provided so that the client can read their prepared script and still look directly at the audience.

We come to the client’s location and film on a neutral backdrop.  This documentary style video is filmed with the client speaking to the videographer off to the side of the camera who is prompting the client in a conversational style.

Filmed on a backdrop.  Client speaks directly to the camera/audience.  A teleprompter is available to allow the client to read a prepared script and look directly into the camera lens.


  • If you’ve chosen documentary style – where you face and speak to the videographer who prompts you in a conversational way, we will discuss the best questions or talking points the interviewer will come prepared to prompt you with during the shoot.  We’ll figure out what may be the best topics to cover to motivate your audience.
  • If you’ve chosen the direct address style – where you speak directly to the camera (and thus your audience), you may write your own script to read and receive feedback on from us.  We will make sure your speaking part is concise, effective, and effectively introduces your business to potential clients. Your script may be presented for you on a teleprompter screen directly in front of the camera, so no memorization is needed (practice is recommended, though!).


  • We come to you to film in your natural business habitat, or we meet at a studio space close to you (this may affect final cost).  If you do not have a suitable space for an appropriate background, we can bring black, gray, or white backdrops to your location.
  • Set up takes 30 minutes.
  • The speaking portion of filming can take anywhere from 15-60 minutes.
  • If the opportunity allows during our visit, we may spend 30 minutes filming footage of you in action, performing duties, working at the computer, interacting with clients, (known as B-roll), which can be interspersed into the final video.


  • Your video will include a royalty free music background track.
  • Your video will end with all relevant text info such as your website, contact info, logo, slogan, call to action, and other information.
  • We digitally deliver a one to two minute video introducing yourself and speaking about your story, goals, and business.  If you have opted to have us host the video, we will publish the video for you on our Catapult Maryland Professionals YouTube channel.



    Let’s discuss what key ideas you’d like to communicate, or you can get feedback on your script via phone meeting.


    2 hour or less filming session at your location.


    We edit – you give feedback with our streaming video feedback online app.


    Video file delivered to you online, and/or we publish on our channel.


    Film on Backdrop

    • No good location with an attractive background? We’ll bring our portable backdrop.
    • White, gray, or black.

    Social media enhancement

    • Animated subtitles added to a second version of your video
    •  Tall-formatted versions for social media.

    YouTube Publishing

    • Don’t have your own channel to publish onto? We’ll handle it by posting to our Catapult Maryland Professionals YouTube channel.
    • We’ll upload with best-practice title, description, tags, and thumbnail image for effective SEO (search engine optimization).


    Dan Adler

    4 + 12 =

    Dan Adler

    Owner/Video lead, Catapult Image

    Dan is passionate about creative multimedia and business.  With a background in design and music production, he began a career in web design for a B2B media company before soon transitioning to producing videos for those websites.  Seeking new challenges, Dan left to begin his freelance videography business in 2011 and launched Catapult Image in 2015.


    Dan heads up all video and real estate photography projects and works with trusted professional videographers and photographers when a project needs more expert hands on deck.