Video increases your impact AND target audience accuracy.  Educate your audience and attract more of the right people to your organization!


When people feel connected to your brand they want to engage, they want to share, and they’re more likely to do business with you. Video marketing has quickly become a great way to tell your company’s story, offer unexpected value, and convert. Reach out wherever your audience consumes video; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, your website, and more.


There are many ways we can work with you to create a video that promotes you, your organization, or your product.

  • Testimonial videos
  • Corporate story videos for the front page of your website
  • Videos with graphics, animation, and voice cover
  • Scripted scenarios
  • Mini-documentary style video
  • Motion graphics explainer videos
  • Video Business Cards

With a long background in video production and communication for business, we can make sure we understand your goals and produce an effective video for your group.



EVENT and Conference Video Coverage

Do you want to generate interest for an upcoming event or record presentations at an event? We have extensive experience filming at conferences and expos, recording seminars, classes, keynote speakers, and creating exciting highlight and testimonial sizzle videos.

Show prospective attendees what the event is really like and show off the influential people that attend it, along with their glowing testimonials about how great your organization and the event is.  Get more of the RIGHT type of people interested and signing up for future events. Record a seminar or speaking engagement for later use.

We can produce event highlight videos, seminar recordings, show-goer testimonial videos, expo product demo videos, and more.

View more event video samples

Video for Social Media

Media Images Videography – We make it easy for you to post a video to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We can edit an existing video (or create a new one) to meet the formatting requirements, time limitations, and unique opportunities of these social media platforms.  We will create eye-catching, animated subtitles in your videos for platforms that auto-play your video with the sound muted by default.

Social media video production requires a sense for trends, brevity, and an understanding of each platform’s unique requirements and best-practices.  We can advise and collaborate with you throughout the planning, filming, editing, and publishing phases of an effective social media video.

We create Facebook videos, Twitter Videos, Instagram Videos, LInkedIn Videos, and more.

Video Business Cards

Do you trade on your personality and your clients’ experiences working with you? Get more than a photo and bio paragraph out there in front of potential clients online!

Your VIDEO BUSINESS CARD can easily be shared on: YouTube, Your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Share a link, or place a QR code linking to your VBC on your PAPER business card to reinforce any in-person meetings!  Included with your Video Business Card is a free guide with suggestions and how-to’s for the best ways to use and share your VBC.

Learn more about Video Business Cards

Editing and Motion Graphics

We provide video editing services for all sorts of projects. If you already have video footage, we are happy to edit your video with what you give us.  We can also incorporate stock video and pictures, along with original motion graphics designs and voiceover to create a video. Not all videos need to be filmed!

We are provide video production picturesmotion graphics and motion design to create animated explainer videos.

View more Motion Graphics samples


Drone Video

We provide aerial drone video services.  As Part 107 FAA licensed commercial operators, we can fly our high-quality camera drones to capture your property or other awesome aerial content.  Drone video is a potent way to add eye-grabbing content to your video.

Send your prospective buyers on a real estate video tour of your property. Our video walkthroughs take the viewer virtually through all of the essential rooms and spaces of the house with smooth, eye-catching movement.

Video Walkthrough Tour

Video Pre-production

We’re full of ideas! Let us help you craft the most effective video plan for your organization that maximizes your impact for your dollar.  We will provide you with guidance based on your needs regarding publishing platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, DVD, etc), publishing timing, ideal video length for your audience and platform, effective style, format, and more.


YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine at this point, and it’s content and information feed into the largest search engine – Google.  If you want to be found organically, your video content on YouTube can be essential.  We can publish your videos on YouTube using search engine optimization (SEO) best-practices.  Effective video titles, descriptions, tags, transcribed subtitles, appealing thumbnail images, and more .


Online Workflow

It is easy to work with us using modern internet tools such as online proposals, online document collaboration, online video commenting, online delivery, and we invoice and take payment online via credit card.

Easy Collaboration Process

At Catapult, we have streamlined the process of collaboration so that we provide results while minimizing use of your time and maximizing your confidence in the outcomes.