I recently came across this great video by another video production pro that echoed a lot of my thoughts about concepts I work to impart to clients that want to create a promotional video for viewing on the web.

The client and I always start aligned in the idea that we want to keep the video short since online viewers have miniscule attention spans. However, many clients have the urge cram EVERY piece of information about themselves or their product/service into the video.

I’m much better at guiding and collaborating with clients in this way than I was when starting out.

We would end up recording way more “A-roll” interview or spoken footage than needed, (which is fine as it can be used as spin-off videos focusing on certain subjects), but during edits, the client would often insist on including way more content than fits inside our running length. The video then grew and grew to fit every single point in, becoming less succinct and losing viewers before the end.

Guy Bauer from Umault in this video compares this to creating a song that’s all verse and no chorus.

Let’s focus on the Chorus – find the 1-3 most important points to impart via video, and then let’s emphasize those points plus use the video to build your brand, the feelings, and the “vibe” around your organization. That is what will be remembered. The details can be found on your website in text, in the “learn more” link, etc once we get people interested and feeling positive about your company from the video!